The weekend on the routes: how many bankers will pay fines of up to 123 thousand pesos?

During the long weekend, the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) detected dozens of bankers who will pay fines of up to 123 thousand pesos. As reported, Between Thursday and Monday, drivers who moved along the shoulders were recorded of the different routes and highways that were patrolled and now They will have to face infractions for high amounts of money.

The deployment included 75 agents, 20 patrols, 16 motorcycles and more than 20 drones, who monitored different sections of routes 2 and 11 and the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highwaywhile patrols were also carried out in the Pan American. In this sense, it was specified that the road operation detected 40 bankers, despite the fact that up to 2,100 vehicles per hour passed through the Samborombón Toll on Route 2 towards the Atlantic Coast.

If compared to Easter, when a first operation was deployed to detect and fine drivers who were driving on the shoulder, there was a significant decline. At that time the offenders were 90which means that this time motorists were warned that they were being watched by drones and motorcyclists by cameras.

The images were processed in a Monitoring Center located on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway, at the height of the Hudson toll. From there begins the process to sanction drivers.

Driving on the shoulder is a serious offense, which in the province of Buenos Aires is sanctioned with fines of between 300 and 1,000 fixed units, which at the current value of $123.40 per unit, is equivalent to between $37,020 and $123,400. In addition, in some cases, the ANSV can request the suspension of the National Driver’s License of offenders.

In addition to monitoring the routes to and from the Coast, there were 218 operations throughout the country. According to ANSV data, they controlled 24,205 vehicles and issued 648 minutes for different infractions. There were 237 cases of positive breathalyzers and, in total, 250 vehicles and 339 driver’s licenses were retained.

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