The white players that Quinteros could lose for the Red

There is practically nothing left for the Red to take the field again for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers, where in September they will have an exhausting triple date playing at home against Brazil and being a visitor against Ecuador and Colombia.

The ANFP has already confirmed that these matches will be played without the 2021 National Championship stopping, so the clubs that have nominees will have to face these matches without their top figures.

With this panorama the Cacique could lose valuable players for the duels against Spanish Union for the return of the Chile Cup semifinals (September 1 at Santa Laura) and before O’Higgins in El Teniente for the date 20 of the tournament (Wednesday, September 8).

A third could be added to these two encounters, in front of Cobresal on August 29 at the Monumental, but it will depend on the available Martin Lasarte and his training sessions at Juan Pinto Durán.

Machete’s payroll should be made official in the next few days and there are several Cacique players, especially analyzing their calls to different microcycles and the fact that the albos are in the upper part of the tournament, which could be summoned for the eliminatory matches.

These players are Marcos Bolados, Brayan Cortés, Leonardo Gil, Luciano Arriagada and Iván Morales, so Gustavo Quinteros would be forced to make many changes in his eleventh if they were to receive the call from Lasarte.

Ivan Morales

Iván Morales has been one of the Cacique’s good figures in 2021. | Photo: UNO Agency.

The Cacique would not be the only one “injured” in this past, since in Catholic University could be called Juan Leiva, Clemente Montes, José Pedro Fuenzalida, Ignacio Saavedra and Marcelino Núñez, Meanwhile in the U could be cited Yonatan Andía and Pablo Aránguiz. Lastly, the leader La Calera could lose Erick Wiemberg and Jeisson Vargas.

La Roja will play the days September 2, 5 and 9, while the first four dates of the second round will be from August 25 to Wednesday September 15. Planning days are coming at the Monumental.

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