The Witcher 3: CD Projekt Details Next-Gen Update Improvements

4K textures and models, ray tracing features, improved gameplay, 60fps mode, cloud saves and photo mode. This is how the trailer sums up the strengths of this update, which will be free for all owners of the game on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In detail, PS5 and Xbox Series X players will have the choice between Performance and Quality modes, the second named integrating ray tracing. Xbox Series S owners will be able to choose between 30 and 60 frames per second modes, the former will offer better image quality and better textures.

The content inspired by the Netflix series The Witcher will take the form of a new quest called “In the Shadow of Eternal Fire” and some objects based on seasons 1 and 2 of this TV adaptation. Two new armor sets as well as a steel sword and a silver sword will join Geralt’s arsenal, while Dandelion can enjoy an alternate outfit and even soldiers of the Nilfgaard will sport new armor. This free content can also be downloaded on PS4 and Xbox One.

Furthermore, the functionality of cross progression will import and export your old saves from 2015 on current platforms.

An update finally carried out by… the players?

More surprisingly, after having suffered a long delay in the development of this update initially entrusted to a team of Saber Interactive, CD Projekt seems to have relied on the community of modders to update its RPG sold to more than 30 million copies.

The dedicated scene on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has always been vivid and impressive, we picked some mods to add improvements like reworked textures, character models displaying in 4K, refined monster models, visual bugs, dedicated immersion changes, and even fixes for map stability. We’re happy to implement community-created mods to make sure this release looks as good-looking and stable as possible, and up to modern standards.“, we are told.

According to CD Projekt, the list of improvements is particularly long and also concerns the gameplay. “Know for example that you will be able to cast spells more quickly in combat without having to go through the radial menu, take advantage of more interface and map customization options, an alternative camera, improvements to character and environment models (including much nicer looking vegetation), easier harvesting of herbs without going through the selection screen, and bug fixes addressing some long-reported issues from the community“, can we read.

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