"The working classes are illiterate" : Zemmour lets go, his party implodes

The boat is pitching at Reconquête. Already weakened by its disappointing score in the presidential election, Eric Zemmour’s party suffered an even heavier defeat in the legislative elections (4.24%), by not qualifying any candidate. This Tuesday, while the National Rally celebrated its 89 deputies, the zemmourists took stock. About twenty executives were gathered for the political committee, rue Jean Goujon, for the first time since the post-presidential period. And the time was not for a cordial reunion. After a round table of participants, the tone quickly rose, to the point that MEP Jérôme Rivière and Eric Zemmour almost came to blows. In question: the operation deemed “autocratic” of Reconquest, some participants of which regret the stranglehold of Guillaume Peltier and Sarah Knafo on the operation. To remedy this, the MEP proposed the holding of a congress, provided for by the statutes. The management team turned a deaf ear, preferring to talk about the holding of summer universities.

Since the end of the campaign, the subject of the guideline carried by a single small team, made up of Sarah Knafo, Eric Zemmour and Guillaume Peltier, has been rising. But for some, this is a point of no return. Participants say: “There is no questioning. Never. The same failing recipes were used in the legislative elections as for the presidential election, giving rise to the same catastrophic results.” Another adds: “They are only congratulating themselves, never questioning what went wrong. Eric Zemmour repeats that he lost by 800 votes, but that shows that he does not know nothing to politics: 800 votes in the legislative elections, that’s huge!”.

Some, including Jean-Frédéric Poisson, went so far as to weigh their departure in the balance. Others, like Jérôme Rivière, are on the verge of leaving. “They don’t care, says one of the committee members. Sarah Knafo even said that she had anticipated certain departures. They needed us during the campaign, they used us and our notoriety, and we don’t we are more than cumbersome.” Active participants during the presidential election describe the contempt they would have suffered from the leadership team. At the mention of the inability of Reconquête to speak to a popular electorate, Eric Zemmour retorts: “The working classes are illiterate.” The exit causes an uproar. Behind the scenes, therefore, the creation of an “Association to support members” is being prepared, which is supposed to “counter the totalitarian power of the management”.

“The management team works for itself, and uses us as cannon fodder,” adds a member of Reconquest. The legislative elections, too, were a source of division, and several participants denounce a “hold-up”. “They have sent candidates to the ditch to collect the spoils of public funding which they will divide among themselves. Disappointment loosens tongues, and some express their regret at having joined the zemmourist adventure. “I thought the cardinal value would be sincerity, but it’s a party like the others. What a waste…”

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