"The worst is behind us": despite the increase in Covid-19 cases, doctors want to be reassuring

If the virus continues to spread in the population, the symptoms of Covid-19 “are not alarming symptoms”, assures Bruno Fellous, pharmacist at Levallois-Perret, at the microphone of BFMTV.

Has the seventh wave of Covid-19 started in France? For several weeks, the number of cases recorded each day on average has started to rise again, according to data from Public Health France compiled by Covid-Tracker. The number of tests is also increasing: just under 1.3 million were carried out between June 6 and 12, according to the Ministry of Health.

“The worst is behind us”, wants to reassure Benjamin Rossi. “Now that everyone has had Covid-19 once or has been immunized by vaccination, we will no longer know what we knew at the start”, explains this infectiologist at the microphone of BFMTV.

Because if the number of cases taken now exceeds 44,000 as of June 17 (up 49% in one week), the number of people in critical care (849) remains stable and falling, as does the number of deaths for Covid- 19 every day in hospitals (37).

“We no longer have the symptoms we had a few months ago”

The symptoms of Covid-19 “are not alarming symptoms”, assures pharmacist Bruno Fellous.

“It’s really light, we no longer have the symptoms we had a few months ago. Today, it’s still a pure coronavirus,” he said.

However, several unions of emergency physicians are sounding the alarm in view of this summer period. For them, if the increase in cases continues, it could accentuate the state of saturation of services.

If the crisis continues and no measures are put in place, the summer “will be excruciating, unheard of”, warned Patrick Pelloux a few weeks ago. “We are going to have unexpected and involuntary deaths in the structures,” he warned.

Omeya Guessoum and Edgar Bequet

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