The Xbox 360 controller is coming back soon

The Xbox 360 is still the most popular Xbox console sold and introduced a lot of features that we take for granted today such as Achievements, digital game distribution, indie ventures online, chat between games and wireless controllers as standard.

Speaking of the latter, the Xbox 360 diton is still today the basis for most modern controllers that not only look similar, but have the two shoulder buttons and two triggers layout. With this in mind, it’s not too surprising that a lot of gamers really miss the classic Xbox 360 controller.

After the resounding success Hyperkin had with their modern Xbox Series S/X version of the “Duke” (the massive controller from the very first Xbox), they are now launching another retro controller, this time focusing on the Xbox 360. Hyperkin Xenon looks pretty much the same as the original did 17 years ago, although it now has a Share button and Back/Start has been renamed to the new icons.

Hyperkin Xenon will be available in white, black, pink and red. Price and premiere date have not been confirmed yet, but we will get back to you when this is announced.

What did you think of the original Xbox 360 controller?

The Xbox 360 controller is coming back soon

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