The Xbox Series S / X sells four times faster than the Xbox One in Japan

On several occasions over the past year, we’ve heard key people from the Xbox team, including boss Phil Spencer, claim that Japan is now the fastest growing market for the Xbox. This after having previously had enormous difficulty over there. Today we received an example that shows that Microsoft’s data is probably correct.

According to Famitsu Xbox Series S / X has now sold more than 100,000 units in Japan after eleven months on the market. By comparison, the Xbox One needed 50 months (over four years) to achieve this result. If the Xbox Series S / X can keep this pace, the Xbox Series S / X will hit the Japanese lifetime sales of the Xbox One as early as next fall.

It should be noted that the increase comes from very low levels with the Xbox One, and the Xbox Series S / X still sells slower than the Playstation 5 and much, much slower than the Switch. With that said, it seems that the Xbox is actually on its way to gaining a foothold in Japan, something that will hopefully result in more Japanese titles for the Microsoft console.

Tack Benji-Sales

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