The Xbox Series X is in stock right now in this bundle

[Deal du jour] Micromania offers an Xbox Series X pack with an accessory of your choice. The game Halo Infinite is offered in this bundle. Very often out of stock, the Microsoft console is not always easy to find. This pack is an opportunity to get your hands on it with an interesting offer.

  • What is this pack offered by Micromania? The Xbox Series X has a design that can make you think of a PC tower. This shape is not due to chance and allows better heat dissipation and less noise. Admittedly, its massive appearance inevitably stands out and you will have to use tricks to harmonize it with your living room. But Microsoft’s console is fast, efficient, and quiet. It meets all the expectations of gamers in terms of a new generation console. Its graphics power is twice as high as the Xbox One X, the brand’s previous console. Its CPU is four times more efficient. 4K and 60 fps are there and provide visual comfort and immediate gaming pleasure. Unfortunately, loading times are still present, but the Quick Resume function allows you to resume the game instantly.
  • Is this offer on this bundle interesting? With a free game, this offer is interesting if you want to acquire an Xbox Series X as well as a controller or a headset. In addition to backward compatibility, which runs all titles from previous generations, Microsoft’s console has an effective subscription plan. The Game Pass is a subscription that offers unlimited access to an extensive library of games. Microsoft regularly adds games to its catalog, and makes new titles available to players as soon as they are launched. Finally, offered in this pack, Halo Infinite is the latest game in the Halo saga. Released in November 2021, this FPS developed by 343 Industries features an exciting single-player campaign as well as a multiplayer mode. If you’ve never played a Halo game, this is a great entry point.
Halo Infinite // Source: Microsoft

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