The Yakuza name is now officially dead

Ever since the start for Playstation 2, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s game series has been called Yakuza, but with the 2020 success Yakuza: Like a Dragon, they have now decided to change the name of the series. The two recently announced titles Like a Dragon: Ishin (a remake) and Like a Dragon 8 don’t seem to have Yakuza in the name, and that’s entirely intentional. Kotaku contacted Sega for an explanation and was told the following:

“The Yakuza name is no more. For these three games, and for every new title in the series going forwards, they’ll all carry the ‘Like a Dragon’ branding instead, so that they more closely align with the Japanese name.”

The series has originally been called “RyĆ« ga Gotoku” in Japan, which funnily means “Like a Dragon”, so apparently the developers want it to be the same title in both East and West.

Will you miss the name Yakuza?

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