The Ylvis brothers are in Japan: Performing “The Fox”

Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker took the world by storm in 2013, after the song “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)” became world famous.

After the success, the duo appeared on, among others, “The Today Show” on NBC.

They were also interviewed by Ellen Degeneres herself on her talk show.

Tiktok trend

Nearly ten years after the launch, the brothers are again receiving attention for the well-known song.

But now it’s Japanese fans who have gone crazy.

The dance trend “Kitsune dance”, translated in Norwegian as “fox dance”, became popular among Japanese tiktokers earlier this year.

The song used together with the fox dance is none other than the Ylvis brothers’ “The Fox”.

The attention peaked when the Japanese baseball team “Nippon Ham Fighters” introduced a new segment between innings: their mascot “Frep the Fox” did the Tiktok dance number “kitsune” dance, to the sound of Ylvis’ hit song “The Fox”.

The song and dance received so much attention that it shot into Japan’s Top 50 list on Spotify this summer.

Good evening Norway has been in contact with Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker’s manager, Jørgen Thue. He talks about the growing attention.

– “The Fox” never really took off in Japan, but now it has become a hit, says Thue.

In demand duo

The baseball team “Nippon Ham Fighters” took the Ylvis brothers’ song and made it their own theme song. “The Fox” song was then played during every match.

Since the summer, a performance from the Norwegian duo has been in demand.

To the great joy of the Japanese fans, Ylvis accepted the request and is in Japan on Monday.

AROUND THE WORLD: In 2013, the Ylvis brothers went around the world to perform the famous song. Photo: Steve Marcus / Reuters

– We are here now because the baseball team has “The Fox” as its “theme song”. They have had a fight, and therefore invited Ylvis to play, says Thue.

Thue tells Good Evening Norway on the phone that the performance went really well and that there was a fantastic atmosphere among the audience. He adds that the Ylvis brothers brought a total of 350 dancers with them during the performance.

– In Japan, there are still coronary restrictions. It is illegal to scream and sing along to the song. The audience was allowed to clap when the song was over, he says.

Thuen says that the trip now continues to visit various Japanese TV shows before they head back home to Norway.

“Nippon Ham Fighters” posted the full performance on their official Twitter account:

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