The young woman who denounced Thiago Almada for sexual abuse will ask FIFA to expel him from the World Cup

Thiago Almada will be reported to FIFA for alleged sexual abuse and they will ask him not to play in the World Cup in Qatar. This was confirmed by the lawyer Raquel Hermida Leyenda, representative of a young complainant and who also said that the presentation will be made in all the delegations of the house of world soccer.

Almada is charged in the San Isidro Court for the crime of “sexual abuse aggravated by carnal access and group abuse.” The event occurred at a clandestine party on December 4, 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, which was staged by some former VĂ©lez players.

The presentation before FIFA has to do with the fact that last July the president of the AFA, Claudio Tapia, announced that in order to play the World Cup in Qatar, no player could have “a criminal complaint with a pending conviction for some type of gender violence or Similary”.

“We are preparing the complaint with all the copies of the case in English and Spanish. And we are going to present it in all the FIFA delegations and also from my study they have contacted some FIFA officials,” the lawyer confirmed to the Argentine News agency.

And he added: “Thiago Almada has a case open before the gender prosecutor of Marcelo Fuenzalida, who is a substitute prosecutor and who reported that this case is filed. That case was filed to allow him to play in London.”

Finally, the lawyer, who also recounted that both she and her client received threats, said: “Thiago Almada is not sentenced, but FIFA lies, and for this reason we ask that they tell the truth and not say that the players who are in Qatar does not have cases of gender violence because Thiago Almada has the worst complaints”.

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