The youth of the Cacique gives the victory to Colo Colo by 2-0

Colo Colo He did not have a good first half but that was claimed in the complement. The white box reached the first of the game thanks to an old acquaintance, but a young man in football. Pablo Solari I was celebrating again on the Talca court.

The Argentine forward appeared on the right wing, after a good brave play by Javier Parraguez In the dispute for the ball, the attacker ended up winning the duel with a handsome man to touch his partner, who declared the game to score one to zero.

Something of improvement began to show the Cacique in the second half, to improve this game with greater tranquility with the score in his favor.

But that was not all, given that minutes later the white painting would reach a new conquest of the popular cast. Joan Cruz increased the Cacique’s advantage with an extraordinary shot that made it impossible for the rival goalkeeper to stretch for two to zero.



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