The youth players who have played the most in Colo Colo

One of the keys to the success you are having Colo Colo In the current season 2021 it is the bet on the players trained at home that the coach carries out Gustavo Quinteros placeholder image, who with each passing day, gives more importance to the Cacique quarry.

It is that from the beginning of National Championship, the Bolivian-Argentine coach, turned to home players to form the basis of the team that he was champion of the Chile Cup and is the exclusive leader of the tournament with 40 points.

The inclusion of home-trained players to the first team has occurred gradually, but all with good results. The first to gain prominence was Jeyson Rojas. The central defender has been playing as a right-back in the absence of Óscar Opazo and even before his injury, he had added 1191 minutes, being the youth who contributed the most to the minutes that the National Professional Football Association (ANFP) requests from the clubs for the tournament.

Then appears Vicente Pizarro. The containment midfielder broke in silently, but became one of the most relevant players for Quinteros in the scheme. The first game of “Vicho” in the first team, was the remembered lawsuit against Ñublense in Chillán, where the coach had to resort to the quarry to present the starting line-up due to the unusual sanitary measure that Seremi took against Colo Colo.

Rojas the one who has played the most. (Photo: Agency One)

Pizarro has been filled with praise, not only by the fans, but also by Quinteros himself, who is amazed at the good game and field vision that Pizarro has, who already has 670 minutes played.

The irruptions of Gutiérrez and Cruz

One who gained ground from the first date was the defender Daniel Gutierrez. Given the lack of central defenders, Quinteros did not shake his hand in using the youth and youth squad Albo, who responded with solidity and became a guarantee for the Alba defense and already has 559 minutes.

Another player who attracted attention was Joan Cruz. For many, the steering wheel is one of the best cards in the Cacique’s quarry. What’s more, the leadership rejected two offers from Flamengo, so that it could continue with its sporting growth in Los Albos. He has already scored his first goal in the professionalism and it was in the final of the Chile Cup against Everton and has become a viable alternative for Quinteros for the Cacique’s attack where he has already been in the first team for 447 minutes.

The quarry always present. (Photo: Guillermo Salazar)

Finally there is the presence of Bryan Soto, who has also become an important player for the los albos coach and has 300 minutes in the first team’s body.

Other players like Bruno Gutiérrez and Luciano Arriagada They have also been alternatives for Quinteros and little by little they earn their place in the first team.

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