Theft and destruction in a pediatric office

The pediatric office of 37 between 14 and 15 / Gonzalo calvelo

If there is something that characterizes the criminals of this era, it is their audacity, evidenced especially in some specific attacks.

That audacity to achieve the proposed objective was also demonstrated by those responsible for an escruche, as robberies committed in the absence of the owners are known, which affected those responsible for a pediatric clinic that operates on the block of 37 between 14 and 15.

As this newspaper was able to confirm by consultations carried out yesterday in that place, and before police spokesmen working on the investigation of the case, the thieves acted at night and when that professional attention center was closed.

At the moment, nothing is known about the authors of this vandalistic episode of insecurity.


Yesterday afternoon, this newspaper appeared at said office to collect the details concerning said case.

One of the pediatricians informed EL DIA that “the robbery occurred between 8:30 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. (on Wednesday), when the place was already closed.”

The investigations believe that the criminals were surely aware that at that time they were going to act safe, because there was no longer any activity or human presence.

Asked about the behavior of the examiners in those clinics, she reflected that “first they destroyed the entrance door, surely with some crowbar.”

Already inside that property, “they turned everything up, caused some damage and stole some cash (he avoided specifying the amount), a computer and a briefcase containing ophthalmological equipment,” the doctor explained.

He also reported that, once the crime was completed, “a neighbor noticed what had happened and notified the owner of the office by phone.” Next, she stated that “this pediatric office has been operating since last year.” And she confirmed that “it is the only robbery that occurred at this time.”

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