Thelma Fardin’s harsh statement: "justice is this aberrant crap"

The actress Thema Fardín affirmed that the new “delays” in the hearings of the trial for abuse that is carried out against the actor Juan Darthés in the Federal Courts of Brazil “put into play the statute of limitations of the crime.”

“They ask us to go to justice and justice is this aberrant and in no way reparative crap,” said the young woman, announcing that the federal judge of San Pablo Ali Mazloum accepted the request of Darthes’ defense “to continue delaying the hearings that remain to finish the trial”. “This is because they obviously don’t want to get to the end,” the actress said, through her Instagram account.

Thelma Fardin

“Today the Brazilian judge, Ali Mazloum, accepted the request of Darthes’ defense to continue delaying the hearings that are missing to finish the trial. Because they obviously do not want to reach the end. This puts the statute of limitations of the crime at stake,” he assured in the notice.

“Life on pause due to a judicial process that nobody allows you to leave behind,” added the actress and wondered: “How much do you have to resist? How much do you have to endure? How many skills are enough? What can they subject you to? You, the victim.”

And he stressed that Darthés “escaped to another country so as not to be tried where the events took place and now justice continues to endorse impunity and perpetuate pain and re-victimization.”

“Comrades, it will be very difficult to tell you that it is possible, because they do everything to break us, but as I write and cry, I am convinced that fighting is still the only way out. Strength and resistance for all victims of sexual abuse, that is what I wish for us”, highlighted the actress.

From soythelmafardin’s Instagram

The process began when Fardín filed, in December 2018, a complaint for aggravated sexual abuse against Darthés in Nicaragua. In mid-2019, that country required the opening of criminal proceedings against the actor for considering him the direct author of the crime of aggravated rape.

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