There are almost 30 babies affected by parechovirus in the United States

previously in The Truth News we announced the parechovirus outbreak that has occurred in several newborn babies and young children, in Tennessee, United States. The situation is alarming, given that infections have increased considerably despite the health measures that were implemented.

ViveUsa indicated that in 2018 there was a total record of 19 cases of this disease in the northern country, but so far this 2022, the previously mentioned entity; 23 of the reported cases were registered in the last six weeks with the PeV-A3 strain.

Among the details that were released was that one of the minors lost his hearing and another continues to have seizures, so his situation is complicated. Since the United States warned about the presence of the dangerous virus, health protocols have been initiated.

Asymptomatic cases of parechovirus

There are almost 30 babies affected by parechovirus in the United States

Babies are severely affected

As indicated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)issued a notice to warn doctors and nurses about the presence of the dangerous virus that has caused fear throughout the country.

In this sense, the CDC indicated that human parechoviruses can cause asymptomatic and even severe cases, but so far there is no specific treatment to deal with it.

“The diagnosis could change management strategies and provide important health information for families.”

Almost all the cases that are registered are in newborns and children up to six years of age, although serious illnesses remain in another age range. Some of the severe illnesses include:

  • sepsis
  • seizures
  • Meningitis
  • Meningoencephalitis

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Parechovirus symptoms

There are almost 30 babies affected by parechovirus in the United States

The symptoms of the virus are very clear

  • Fever
  • seizures
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Meningitis
  • Meningoencephalitis, which is inflammation in the brain
  • Rash
  • sepsis

It can also be spread through contact with feces or respiratory droplets from an infected person. The incubation period is currently unknown, but cases are generally represented between the end of the season. Babies are the main victims of the parechovirus.

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