“There are many dark-haired actors who have not had visibility due to a racist issue”: Karla Garrido, actress who gives life to La India María

The premiere of the bioseries of Vicente FernandezThe last king”, based on the book by the Argentine journalist Olga Wornat, produced by Televisa, is still a success. After the first season concluded, the second part will premiere on May 16 where we will see return to characters like The Indian Maria interpreted by Karla Garridowho had a close relationship with Vicente Fernandez and became a fundamental part of his career, as she would have helped him reach the Blanquita Theater.

VANGUARD talked with Karla Garrido about the challenges he had to overcome to bring this iconic character to life, how he managed to get the role, as well as the discrimination that dark-haired actors have suffered, since they usually have secondary roles on television because of their skin color.

“Enter to ‘The last king‘Cause I look a lot like Maria Elena VelascoThe Indian Maria” and when I talked with the producer John Osoriowe talked a lot about the character, he told me that he saw in me a vibe in my eyes equal to that of The Indian Maria and that’s why I thought I was the best to play this actress. Later I developed this character, for this, what people told me about her helped me a lot, “he said. Karla.

$!Karla Garrido is an actress with 15 years of experience.

Karla Garrido is an actress with 15 years of experience.

“The most important thing for me when interpreting ‘La India María’ was to stop being perfect, to stop being one hundred percent María Elena and more than anything to be and interpret what I believe María Elena Velazco was, everything I was investigating, what people told me, dignifying her, showing a very human face, very funny, very elegant, opener of spaces for new talents, that’s how it was Maria Elena Velasco. Besides, The Indian Maria She was one of the first standuperas in our country and I feel that she is not so valued, she was an incredibly talented woman”he added.

Mexican actress of Tlaxcalan origins, with 15 years of artistic career, she has collaborated in the feature films “Tattooed Grudge” by Julian Hernandez, “LionessIsaac Cherem, “Twice you” from Saló Azquenazi, in the debut film “Adrenalin” by Omar Rouge and more than 15 short films with a nomination for best actress at the awards AMCI of 2016. For his part, on television he has participated in series such as: “Fake Counterfeit”, “Chema”, “Lady Steel” Y “The Minondo”.

“I consider myself a Mexican woman anti-racist who seeks happiness in everything he does, I like to describe myself that way. Almost all of my father’s family are actors, musicians, but many of them had to do it as a second profession and for this reason my dad He gave me all the support so that I could carry out my career as my first option, I think acting is in my blood and although I see myself doing many other things, I always see myself acting”, He commented on the beginning of his artistic career.

The also dancer and member of the anti-racist movement “tight power” reflected a little on the discrimination that brown-skinned actors have suffered in television productions, assigning them secondary roles, something that according to graceful has started to change.

In this country we tend to malinchismo a lot, I feel that it is deeply rooted and I think that, on the contrary, we should accept, embrace and learn from our roots. In my process as a person who now considers myself a dark person, I feel that my identification process with my Tlaxcalan, Mexican, Chilango origin has increased and I have begun to value and recognize it and we should all do that, begin to value our origins and precisely “The Indian Maria“It has made me do this, value who I am and where I come from”.

“Now we are working many actors brunettes in the middle of the televisionbecause in the past most of the actors we saw on the screen were whites, I think it’s time to start redoing those stereotypes, seeing people with other colors, with other vibrations on the screens. For example, in this series there are many dark-haired actors who are not just starting out, we have many years of career, but we have not had as much visibility for a reason racist.

“It is time for new stories to open up, new narratives on television for all kinds of people, with any skin color, because it is something in which we are already a little late, other countries have already been doing it for a long time. It’s also very important for education, which means for a brown-haired girl who sees herself as a great athletea great professional in the televisioninstead of seeing these White women who are the protagonists of all the series. That she sees herself represented, I think it will modify our entire social structure, because television is a teacher too, the screens teach us to live life and if we see ourselves represented on the screen imagine all the change that would happen in our country and in the world”, concluded graceful.

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