There is a bit of the Dreamcast legacy in the Xbox according to Peter Moore

The 20th anniversary of the Xbox is also an opportunity to return more generally to a very eventful period for video games. During a show during which former Xbox executives were present alongside Reggie Fils-Aimé, the subject of the beginnings of Xbox and the link with Sega was brought up.

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A bitter taste for Peter Moore

Robbie Bach, Ed Fries and Peter Moore were notably present and the latter recalled his bitterness over the death of the Dreamcast, while he had participated in the rise of the console before arriving at Xbox. At the dawn of the 2000s, Sega was still a serious player in the console market, but Sony and its PlayStation 2 sealed the manufacturer’s fate.

The Dreamcast was ahead of its time, and sadly it didn’t fully cope with the PlayStation FUDing – fear, uncertainty, and doubt – that happened. […] And [Sony] did it brilliantly.

FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) is a marketing term that describes the willingness to instill fear, uncertainty and doubt in a competing product. It refers in particular to the fact that a company manages to make consumers believe that they are going to miss something important if they do not follow the brand’s strategy or vice versa. Such anti-competitive techniques were also attributed to Microsoft in the 90s, described on Wikipedia.

With its PlayStation and especially the PlayStation 2, Sony played the situation to assert the arguments of its console. However, the Dreamcast was a very competitive machine against the PS2 and was also the first to offer online gaming.

Unfortunately, this was not enough and the machine will lead Sega to withdraw from the console market. The production of the Dreamcast will end in March 2001, a few months before the launch of the Xbox.

A bit of the Dreamcast at Xbox

If he jokes about still being angry for 20 years, Peter Moore also explains that part of his job, when he started working for Microsoft, was to nurture the dream of online gaming.

When the Dreamcast sadly died out, the baton was passed to Xbox […] As we started to take off with Xbox Live and believed in the idea of ​​playing together online, there was still a bit of the Sega Dreamcast legacy out there somewhere.

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