“There is a ground swell to question merit”

Merit, a declining value? Make way for lukewarms, grays, half-sales, half-figs, adventurers in cotton caps, explorers in Thermolactyl. In “The Tyranny of Mediocrity”, Sophie Coignard (“La Nomenklatura française”, “Mafia chic”) fiercely attacks the race to the bottom. Whether it’s questioned internships of excellence, disputed merit scholarships or, quite simply, the current political spectacle, isn’t the trend towards the leveling off of the qualities necessary for winning? The author’s investigation leads her to analyze the new programs of National Education, the ravages of massification, the damage of social networks, the abandonment of the notion of ambition, now considered a sin. Excellence would be obsolete, then? At the same time essay, report, pamphlet and proposal, the book reads like the novel of a society in disarray, where the mediocre rule the roost. Healthy reading – and enlightening. FF

“Avoid the hat with a pheasant feather”: tips for successfully integrating it into the campaign

The OBS. You wrote a book to “save merit”. Does he really need it? In his last declarations, President Macron cited it several times as one of the great French values…

Sophie Coignard. Emmanuel Macron wanted to wink to the right, which is why he spoke of merit. It is exactly from this question that my investigation was born: why a

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