There is no limit to the green sky, Volkswagen China releases the prototype of the manned aircraft V.MO

Volkswagen Group (China) has released the first electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) manned aircraft prototype to further explore and develop fully electrified and sustainable personal mobility. In 2020, Volkswagen Group (China) launched the Air Mobility Project to explore next-generation mobility solutions, including the urban air mobility market and the expansion of urban mobility into airspace. After in-depth research, concept construction and development, the project team has now completed the first verification machine – V.MO. To commemorate this milestone in the Chinese lunar year of the Tiger, the exterior design of the prototype features a unique black and gold color scheme, meaning “more powerful than a tiger”.

The prototype builds on existing autonomous driving solutions and battery technology to create zero-emission mobility. The prototype is designed in a luxurious X-wing configuration with a wing length of 11.2 meters and a wingspan of 10.6 meters, eight rotors for vertical take-off and landing and two propellers for horizontal propulsion. The group will further optimize the plan through several rounds of flight tests in the second half of this year, and the improved prototype will undergo a higher standard test flight at the end of summer 2023. This pure electric, fully autonomous flying eVTOL manned aircraft will eventually be able to carry four passengers and luggage for up to 200 kilometers.

Feng Sihan, CEO of Volkswagen Group (China), said: “We are committed to creating high-end mobility products through this pioneering project to meet the needs of Chinese customers for innovative technology and future air mobility services, and to further develop Volkswagen’s long-standing reputation in the industry. A tradition of excellence in precision engineering, design and innovation. Our team of young Chinese experts started from scratch, using new design concepts, materials, and setting new safety standards to continuously inject innovation into this pioneering project. V.MO The unveiling of the demonstrator is the first important milestone in our exploration of urban air mobility, and once again demonstrates the Group’s development mission of ‘in China, for China’. With the long-term goal of promoting the industrialization of this field, we are committed to this emerging and A fast-growing market is ‘more powerful’ to open up new opportunities.”

Volkswagen Group (China) is rapidly expanding its local R&D and software capabilities, aiming to be more agile in responding to customer needs and vigorously accelerate the pace of innovation. The group has formed a team of young Chinese local experts to promote the progress of the air mobility project. They have interdisciplinary and innovative thinking in new fields, and at the same time work closely with local Chinese partners such as Hunan Sunward Technology. Hunan Sunward Technology is a subsidiary of Sunward Intelligent Equipment Group located in Hunan Province, engaged in the development, sales and service of aviation products, and is a market leader in the field of light sport aircraft.

The urban air mobility market is rapidly emerging, the core of which is the use of air space, especially for short- and medium-distance transportation at low altitudes in large cities and between cities. In China, the development of this field will relieve traffic congestion in large cities and play an important role in future urban and intercity transportation. In the initial stage of commercial application, V.MO will create high-end travel products, such as VIP air shuttle services, targeting Chinese high-net-worth customers who pursue innovative technological experiences. Compared with the current traditional ground transportation methods, eVTOL manned aircraft will achieve faster, more efficient and flexible travel. As the air mobility project develops, the group will cooperate with relevant Chinese authorities to obtain certification.

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