There wouldn’t be an iPad update in September, but that’s kind of logical

According to Bloomberg, Apple has decided to push back the launch of iPadOS 16 to October. Why ? Several elements are cited, such as development delays and the desire to align its launch with that of the new tablets.

Since 2012, Apple has followed almost the same cycle every year. The Californian brand announces its new iOS in June, releases several beta versions throughout the summer and, in September, distributes a final version to all its customers. The iPad, even if its operating system changed its name in 2019 (it became iPadOS), benefits from the same operation. It was in September, after the conference dedicated to the new iPhones, that it received its big update. According to Bloomberg2022 will be an exception.

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iOS 16 in September, iPadOS 16 in October

First, let’s start with an important clarification. Contrary to what Apple says, iPadOS is not a different operating system from iOS. It’s exactly the same thing, with features unique to iPads (like the expandable dock, multi-windowing, mouse management, etc.). This name change is only marketing, it allows Apple to make its tablet something other than a big iPhone.

Since June 2022, owners of a compatible iPad have therefore had access to the same beta versions of iOS 16 as those who use an iPhone. Logic would therefore dictate that iPadOS 16 should be ready at the same time as iOS 16, which could, in theory, be the case. However, Apple would have made the decision to postpone the publication of the update on its tablet for several reasons:

  • Stage Manager, the function that allows iPads to use several windows simultaneously, is not yet unanimous. iPadOS remains less modular than macOS and Windows, which makes Apple want to take the time to improve the function. It must be said that as an iPadOS 16 beta tester, Numerama is able to confirm that this first version is not very convincing. There are a lot of too random behaviors, whereas Stage Manager works perfectly well on Mac.
  • New iPads would arrive in October (the entry-level iPad and the iPad Pro), which would motivate Apple to wait for their releases to launch iPadOS 16. From a marketing point of view, launching a new operating system with new tablets makes sense.
  • The future version of macOS, stamped Ventura, should be released in October (like every year). Aligning iPadOS with macOS seems logical, especially since the two updates have several new things in common.
WWDC 2022 –  June 6 _ Apple 1-46-33 screenshot
The new iPadOS allows multiple windows to be displayed simultaneously. // Source: Numerama screenshot

A change that would make sense in the long term

What to expect? Logic would dictate that iPadOS 16.0 would never come out and that Apple would launch iPadOS 16.1 or iPadOS 16.2 directly on its tablets in October, along with future versions of iOS. The brand has already done this in the past, especially at the beginning of its tablet. iOS 4 was launched only on iPhones, before being followed by an iOS 4.2 several months latercompatible with iPads.

Even if the year 2022 is presented as an exception, it would seem logical to us to dissociate iOS from iPadOS in the future, especially if Apple continues to launch its new tablets in October. Granted, that would create some incompatibilities between iPhones and iPads for a month (e.g. editing iMessages wouldn’t work on the tablet), but is that really any different from the gap between iPhone and Mac the brand told us accustomed?

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