There’s a New Explanation for Bruce Lee’s Mysterious Death

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Bruce Lee in “Fist of Fury”.

Bruce Lee died suddenly at just 32 years old. A new theory suggests his death could be water related.

Lee Jun-fan is a name that probably no one will know. But if we talk about Bruce Lee, there will hardly be anyone who has never heard of it.

Martial artist, actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter, martial arts instructor, philosopher and author. The Chinese-American Bruce Lee was, in fact, a man of seven trades.

Despite his versatility, he was mostly known for his roles in martial arts films in the early 1970s. Unfortunately, the world had only a small window to witness his talent. bruce lee died suddenly in Hong Kong at just 32 years old.

The mystery surrounding his unexpected death has spawned countless conspiracy theories, recalls the IFLSciencebut a new analysis suggests that Lee may have died from drinking too much water.

Although the risk is low, excessive water intake can lead to hyponatremia, that is, the decrease in the concentration of sodium in the blood. It can also lead to kidney overload or brain edema.

This theory is unconfirmed, but it would be an ironic fate for the man who popularized the phrase “be water, my friend”.

It is known that Bruce Lee felt headaches and dizziness around 7:30 pm, shortly after smoke cannabis and drink water🇧🇷 Then he took a pain reliever called equagesic, being found lifeless two hours later.

An autopsy revealed that his brain had increased to 1.575 kg, well above the average of 1.4 kg. This would be justified by the aforementioned cerebral edema, which will have occurred due to an extreme reaction to Equagesic.

“It would not be expected that cerebral edema would be the only necropsy finding if, in fact, hypersensitivity to Equagesic was the cause of death,” note the study authors. Researchers believe that Bruce Lee’s brain would already be swelling, as the actor only took Equagesic after he started experiencing headaches.

“We now propose, based on analysis of publicly available information, that the cause of death was cerebral edema due to hyponatremia. In other words, we propose that the inability of the kidney to excrete excess water killed Bruce Lee,” write the authors in an article published in the magazine Clinical Kidney Journal🇧🇷

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