These 6 wireless headphones and Bluetooth headsets on sale during Black Friday are safe bets

Want to switch to wireless headphones? Need good Bluetooth headphones that don’t move during your workout? Take advantage of the best Black Friday offers with our selection of Wireless headphones and earphones with real interesting promotions.

For Black Friday, many tech and multimedia products benefit from advantageous reductions. If you want to take advantage of great discounts to equip yourself at the best price, now is the time to go. However, it is still necessary to make a good selection in the multitude of offers offered by different merchants. We’ve also listed all the best Black Friday tech deals.

A good reduction is not limited to a percentage of reduction displayed, nor to a crossed out price. That’s why Numerama went in search of the best discounted wireless headphones and earphones for Black Friday.

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Technics EAH-A800 at €295 instead of €349

Technics is the high-end audio subsidiary of the Panasonic brand. With these EAH-A800 headphones, the brand offers effective active noise reduction wireless headphones with excellent acoustic reproduction. Music lovers and especially bass lovers will rejoice.

In terms of autonomy, the Technics helmet is not to be outdone since it offers around fifty hours of autonomy. Charging is provided by a USB to USB-C cable provided. It’s not the lightest helmet, but it’s very comfortable to wear thanks to the memory foam pads.

The configuration of the helmet is done via an application which requires a little time to adapt before being completely comfortable in the various navigation menus.

Black Friday offer: Technics EAH A800
Black Friday offer: Technics EAH-A800

Is it a good price? At less than 300 € it is definitely worth it. It is a high-end headset, which you can connect to 2 different devices with the Bluetooth Multipoint function. It comes in a nice protective case including the various necessary cables and plugs. Plan a good place in your bag to carry it.

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Mice on sale on Amazon for Black Friday

Sony WH-1000 XM5 True Wireless Headphones at €329 instead of €387

Sony’s latest high-end wireless headphones are on sale for Black Friday. Released this year, this new version of the Sony WH-1000XM4 gives the headphones a prettier design and ever more efficient active noise reduction. Sony is committed and offers headphones made from recycled, or sustainable, materials in plastic-free packaging. So don’t expect leather or metal finishes, which often accompany high-end products.

Delivered in its transport bag, quite bulky, but flexible and foldable, the helmet does not fold up on itself, but plays on the flexibility of its headband for easy storage. In all, you can listen to thirty hours of music before having to recharge the headphones.

Black Friday offer: Sony 1000 XM5
Black Friday deal: Sony WH 1000 XM5

Is it a good price? With 50 € less on its original price, yes it is rather a good deal, even if it must be recognized that its price remains high. However, it is justified. The Sony WH-1000 XM5 is one of the best headphones in terms of active noise reduction. He has several technologies such as locating his helmet on his smartphone or emitting a sound from the helmet allowing him to be easily found. You can also launch voice commands with Alexa and Ok Google, easily pair it with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. It really is a functional headset with excellent sound qualities.

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Apple’s top of the range: AirPods pro 2 at €259 instead of €299

Released last December, the AirPods Pro 2 take over from the first generation of AirPods Pro. If aesthetically, not much changes from the outside, internally big changes have taken place.

Everything has been improved. The quality of active noise reduction is impressive for wireless headphones. Already very successful on the AirPods Pro, it is much better on this new generation of AirPods Pro. In terms of sound quality, everything is under control. No personal adjustment, but the listening quality remains incredible. The AirPods Pro 2 are versatile and adapt to all music and all audiences. Whether you’re a musician, a music lover, or just a fan of listening to your favorite tunes on the go, the AirPods Pro 2 will suit everyone.

Black Friday deal: Apple Airpods Pro 2
Black Friday deal: Apple AirPods Pro 2

Is it a good price? Promotions on Apple products, you can’t refuse. It’s not often that you can afford to buy such recent Apple products at a discount. Apart from all promotions, the AirPods Pro 2 have a good price in terms of their performance, but with 40 euros less, it becomes frankly a good deal.

Bluetooth headphones for athletes: the PowerBeats Pro at €174 instead of €253

The PowerBeats Pro embeds the quality of Apple’s wireless headphones in ergonomics designed for sports use. The big problem when you want to jog to music or encourage yourself in song to push to the room is the holding of the headphones. Headphones are often bulky and conventional wireless headphones do not provide the necessary support. Or if the in-ear headphones have a good hold, the sound quality does not follow. The Beats brand has designed good wireless headphones, capable of staying in place during an entire sports session.

Apart from a bulky case, which we could blame them for, these headphones are flawless. Once you get the hang of putting them on, it’s nothing but bliss. Comfortable and powerful, the sound is balanced and the autonomy of 9 hours, pushed back to 24 hours with the possibility of recharging via the case, is very significant. The case charges quickly, but not wirelessly.

Black Friday deal: Powerbeats Pro
Black Friday deal: Powerbeats Pro

Is it a good price? Less than 200 € for such great acoustic performance in earphones designed for sport, it’s an excellent deal. Beats is a good brand of audio products. Benefit from a discount of almost 100 € on a reference like this, it’s always pleasant.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds wireless headphones at €159 instead of €208

With its QuietComfort Earbuds, the Bose brand stands out as a serious competitor to Apple’s AirPods Pro. With quite impressive active noise reduction, Earbuds can afford to compete with headphones like the Sony WH-1000 XM5, presented above. On the other hand, the rendering of the sound, very neutral, will not please everyone. This slightly flat side is found in all Bose products and is, in a way, their sound signature. So either we like it or we don’t.

The case is a bit bulky, but has the advantage of being able to charge wirelessly. The finishes are top notch and the StayHear Max tips, equipped with a well-designed cannula, make Bose headphones comfortable to wear.

Black Friday deal: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
Black Friday Deal: Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

Is it a good price? Wireless headphones with this quality of soundproofing and active noise reduction at less than 200 € is necessarily a bargain.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ noise reduction headphones at €169 instead of €299

The biggest discount in this guide for these luxury headphones from the Bang & Olufsen brand. The brand is renowned for its very high-end products and these headphones become accessible with Black Friday.

Elegance and design for precise and powerful headphones. For sound, you won’t find better. Like other high-end headphones, the Beoplay EQ is equipped with very good active noise reduction and excellent sound insulation. The brand displays around twenty hours of listening time before having to recharge the headphones directly in their small box, which is itself rechargeable wirelessly. The control of the functions goes through an application that you have to take the time to learn.

Black Friday offer:
Black Friday offer: Bang & Olufsen Beoplay EQ

Is it a good price? At this price, you no longer have to choose between quality and finesse. Take the opportunity to make yourself a nice gift or offer them for Christmas, it will always be a pleasure.

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