These are Thalía’s three key foods that help her lose weight

The beautiful actress and singer Thalia She has always been considered one of the celebrities with the best figure since she began her artistic career. Everyone remembers her for her mini waist and her perfect measurements.

Many have wondered what is the diet that the famous Mexican who is currently 51 years old follows to maintain her beauty and ideal weight. She though she also claims that she puts in constant physical training.

Luckily, today we know a little about his eating habits and he revealed the three foods that have been essential to lose weight and maintain an enviable body.

What does Thalia eat to lose weight?

These are Thalía's three key foods that help her lose weight

This is how the famous Thalia trains.

They reveal what are the three infallible foods in the diet of the beautiful Thalia that allow her to maintain her slim figure and even her famous “wasp waist”.

According to the coach of the singer and actress, Jorge Valverde, revealed that all types of red fruits (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.) are their best allies when looking for something to eat between meals or the famous collation. He even eats them for dessert.

Also, the other food is coffee. They reveal that Thalia You can’t go a day without drinking an Americano, yes, without milk and without sugar. This drink provides antioxidants, in addition to being a diuretic.

Finally, the last food that Thalia added to his diet are the banana and strawberry smoothies that he accompanies with oatmeal and proteins that complement his rigorous and constant training. Recently, the famous showed off the results of her diet by showing off her unforgettable wasp waist.

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How much money does Thalia 2022 have?

These are Thalía's three key foods that help her lose weight

This is Thalia’s fortune.

The famous Thalía has a great fortune as a result of her extensive career, she is also united with that of her husband Tommy Mottola. This 2022 it is estimated that the couple has a total of $60 millionin Mexican pesos would be about 1 million 195 million 510 thousand 200 Mexican pesos.

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