These are the best and most comfortable controls to play with your cell phone in 2022

Enjoy the video game in the cell phone It is a custom that is becoming much more recurrent. Every day smartphones come with operating systems that are better prepared to support first-rate graphics and developments. Therefore, you have to look for the greatest comfort to play and a control sounds like the ideal option.

The portal CosumoClaror points to a figure that highlights that mobile video games monopolized the largest number of gamers during 2021. 53% of players came from Android and iPhone. They did outperform those players who enjoy from a console or a computer.

So, this is where the importance of have in your hands a support that serves to play with greater skill and stop relying on screen rendering, which is unfortunately sometimes lacking.

Going to the technological market today is finding everything. There are from very cheap controls, but of low quality; even those that are expensive, but work at the same level as a console.

Response times (latency), grip comfort, button quality, connection types and recognized brands are details that should be considered when looking for cell phone controls. In this way we choose these five that, according to our appreciation, look like the best there is in this 2022.

Razer Kishi

We position this Razer control first for three reasons: the seal of quality offered by the brand; what type of connection it is USB-C in the case of Android and Lightning if you are using iPhone and grip on the controller.

The control stretches to be positioned on each side of the phone when you place it horizontally. In this way the experience that you are playing on a smartphone is not lost. The price of this control is between USD $90 and 110, depending on the currency exchange of each Latin American country.

Power A MOGA XP5-X

The MOGA XP5-X is the closest thing to the Xbox control, taking the same one that Microsoft has. It is black with green details and is the most popular on shopping sites for this type of item.

In addition to having the possibility of connection via USB-C input, it also offers the option of Bluetooth. Its price is a little lower than the Razer, it costs approximately 80 dollars.

Dual shock controls

They look like the cheapest alternative on the market. And much more if you have one Sony PlayStation 4 or 5 at home. You simply adjust the remote so that it connects to your cell phone and buy a support for the same smartphone that does not exceed 20 dollars, in the case of the most expensive ones.

The same device brings the port to connect the headphones if you want to listen from the device.

microsoft xbox

Since we talked about PS control, we also mentioned that of Xboxone of the best options on the market. microsoft It is displayed integrating video games, apart from console and PC, on smart TV.

Therefore, it prepares its equipment for any environment, and this scenario includes cell phones and tablets with Android operating systems.

The connection to the cell phone is via Bluetooth. Although this feature often fails on generic items, we are talking about a genuine Microsoft product.


And as the economy (accompanied by good functionality) should not be missing in this type of advice, we highlight the EasySMX, the best control in terms of price/quality ratio. It works for Android and Windows PC.

Andro4All notes that it runs on AA batteries and lasts up to 90 hours if you play without vibration.

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