These are the nail diseases plus a tip from the grandmother to always have them perfect

We often underestimate the importance of having manicured hands. In fact, that of nails and cuticles is not only an aesthetic question but, in some cases, it could be a question of health. Healthy nails are easily recognizable, they have three very specific characteristics: they are resistant, they are pink and appear smooth.

There are several behaviors that could harm our nails. From the most classic “nail biting” up to the use of low quality nail polishes. Few people know that there is an infallible method to always have clean nails and that our hands should be protected from any possible damage. Unfortunately, not caring about it is a widespread attitude, in fact, these are the diseases of the nails but here is a tip from the grandmother to always have them perfect.

The most common annoyances

Yellow, extremely brittle or blotchy nails. When, looking at our nails, we notice a change in color tending to yellow, we could be making the wrong brand of nail polish. Maybe we don’t use a protective base or we make excessive use of acetone. To have healthy nails, you need to buy quality products and use them in moderation.

White spots, on the other hand, are often due to minor trauma and if present on all the nails they could be a symptom of a skin disease. Even having brittle, thin and soft nails could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency or mineral salts. In these cases, therefore, it is good to call on an expert to rule out these possible pathologies.

These are the nail diseases plus a tip from the grandmother to always have them perfect

White and brown nails, spoon nails and cave nails. These types of annoyances could turn out to be more serious. In fact, the presence of white and brown spots can indicate the presence of a fungus on which it is important to intervene quickly. When, on the other hand, the nails are hollowed out to form a spoon we could suffer from iron deficiency and anemia. While a nail that grows upward and encloses some horny material can be a start of thyroid dysfunction. In all these cases, it is advisable to contact your doctor immediately to ask for clarification.

Our grandmothers, as in “to reduce anxiety and insomnia here is a grandmother’s remedy with an easy-to-find seasonal fruit”, can come to our aid. They have a huge amount of experience and a practice widely recommended by them is to moisturize the nails and cuticles several times a day. But not only that, to always have perfect nails, grandmothers recommend applying a moisturizing solution before going to bed and, after that, covering your hands with soft cotton gloves.

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