These are the worst video game consoles in history and the reasons why they failed

The history of video game has lived epic moments in the last 30 years. The different consoles that manufacturers have released have changed the way we sit in front of a screen with a controller in hand, to manipulate a character.

However, in this long road there have been epic failures inversely proportional to the successes. Devices that, due to their poor performance, low capacity, horrible graphics or inconvenience to play, remained on the shelves without anyone buying them.

It is in this context that we take a walk through the wonderful world of the Internet to review and remember those consoles that perhaps made us a little annoyed at the time. But today, with so much incredible progress, we get several laughs.

The worst consoles in the history of video games

OUYA, hands down

It came with the motto of “revolutionize” the world of video games, because it would change the shape of consoles. His design succeeded, the device fits in the palm of your hand. However, its video game library was very limited, it had very low memory and problems connecting through the USB ports.

Nintendo Virtual Boy

If you wanted to have a problem with the retina of your eyes, this was the ideal device. Now, if what you needed was to enjoy a decent video game, run away from the Nintendo’s VirtualBoy.

The console was very expensive and its monochrome image left you visually compromised for a few seconds after playing.

Philips CDi

When you saw it, it was more of a video cassette player (VHS) than a video game console. Its concept presented elements ahead of its time, since it was the first to try to develop games through compact discs (CD), hence its name Compact Disc Interactive.

They could read, in addition to video games, music or karaoke. But unfortunately the graphics and stories that developed their titles never accompanied the console to take off.

Philips CDi

Wii U

Nintendo’s Wii u looked to be a great video game machine. However, the gamer community did not accompany the big N on this journey.

The inconvenience of playing with its controller and the lack of titles to choose from made the console fall apart from other Nintendo developments. It only sold about 5.3 million worldwide, unlike others that exceed 100 million.

Playstation Vita

Sony tried it in the field of portable video game consoles with the PS Vita. And although the device had everything to succeed, unfortunately it did not obtain enough sales to PlayStation keep it on the market.

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