These aroma diffusers ensure a feel-good atmosphere

These aroma diffusers ensure a feel-good atmosphere

Aroma diffusers ensure well-being and a better room climate, especially in the cold season. They spread a pleasant scent and at the same time increase the humidity. We introduce you to five of the best aroma diffusers.

The most important things at a glance

  • The energy saver: aroma diffuser from Beurer

  • The powerful: aroma diffuser from Promed
  • The natural one: aroma diffuser from Medisana
  • The design winner: Salking diffuser
  • The price tip: aroma diffuser from Diffusorlove
  • Frequently asked questions about aroma diffusers

Aroma diffusers are a combination of air humidifier and air freshener. Through this combination, they not only increase the humidity, but also ensure a pleasant scent – no matter in which room or at what time of year.

Aroma diffusers are not only practical if you spend a lot of time at home: they improve the air quality in the room and also have a positive effect on your mood, reduce stress and ensure relaxation. In combination with scented oils, an aroma diffuser creates a relaxed and healthy atmosphere. Below we present five recommended diffusers.

The energy saver: aroma diffuser from Beurer

The Beurer model impresses with its elegant look and the high-quality materials made of bamboo and porcelain. Thanks to the ultrasonic filter system, the Beurer diffuser is particularly quiet and energy-saving with a maximum output of twelve watts. You can choose between six different colors for a pleasant lighting mood.

With a water tank size of 180 milliliters, this Beurer model has an average capacity in comparison. The device is ideal for rooms with a size of 20 to 50 square meters. Like the other diffusers, it has an automatic switch-off function that starts as soon as there is no more water in the water tank.

There are only two buttons on the display with which the fog development and the timer can be set. The operating time can be selected using a timer: one, three and seven hours as well as continuous operation. The diffuser also has two functional levels for mist development. For the right scent, the manufacturer recommends aromatic oil like this

Aromaöl Relax for relaxation or that Aromaöl Harmony with a soothing vanilla scent.

The powerful: aroma diffuser from Promed

Promed’s aroma diffuser impresses with its auto-off function, long service life and almost silent operation. The design, with wooden details in a classic teardrop shape, fits into any room thanks to its subtle look.

The integrated ultrasonic technology can be easily controlled via buttons on the device and ensures optimal atomization of the scented oils. This technology also makes the device particularly quiet. As with all fragrance lamps, real essential oils cannot be nebulized.

With a capacity of approx. 1,300 milliliters, the diffuser achieves a running time of up to 14 hours with little fog development. The stronger the fog, the shorter the runtime. At the highest level, the diffuser still runs for up to ten hours.

The LED lighting can be operated in seven different colors and also separately from the diffuser. The device is also particularly energy-saving and can therefore be operated for a long time without high electricity costs.

The natural one: aroma diffuser from Medisana

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