These car brands were the most frequently stolen in 2014

The Range Rover 3.0 TD was the most frequently stolen car model in 2014. But which brands are stolen the most. The statistics of the General Association of German Insurers provide precise information.

In absolute terms, Volkswagen cars are the most frequently stolen. Not surprisingly, after all, VW has the largest number of vehicles on our roads. In 2014, a good 5,300 owners reported their vehicle as stolen.

Noble vehicles coveted by car thieves

The most popular car thieves continued to be models from Land Rover and Audi. From the Range Rover 3.0 TD alone, 150 pieces were stolen last year – this corresponds to a theft rate of 57.4 per 1000 cars. The statisticians of the GDV determined a theft rate of 4.5 for all Land Rover models.

As in the previous year, Audi is in second place among manufacturers with a theft rate of 1.2. Drivers of the Audi S5 and S4 were particularly hard hit by theft.

Opel drivers don’t have to worry much

Opel drivers have to worry much less about the theft of their car: in 2014, around 500 vehicles were stolen, almost 20 percent less than in the previous year; the theft rate fell from 0.2 to 0.1 per 1,000 cars with comprehensive insurance.

Car thieves strike every half hour

In the past year, car thieves stole a fully insured car about every 30 minutes. According to these theft statistics, a total of 17,895 cars were lost from their rightful owners in the course of the year.

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