They accuse child abduction and vicarious violence in Playa del Carmen

They accuse child abduction and vicarious violence in Playa del Carmen

A mother of a family reported the abduction of a minor of only 6 years of age, who was taken by his own father, far from Playa del Carmen with the intention of using vicarious violence against his ex-sentimental partner, denounced the lawyer for the Xrabay Feminist Collective, Quintana Rooz Ariadne Song Anguas.

The mother, who said she was a victim of vicarious violenceasked the support to the Xtabay Quintana Roo Women’s Collective, as well as legal support so that your complaint be attended by the Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo (FGEQRoo), after holding that Her youngest son has been abducted from his home in Playa del Carmen for 30 days.

Vicarious violence has become one of the crimes most used by men to pressure their partners to return to them, despite the damage they cause to children and adolescents.

“The father of my son has stolen my minor for more than 30 days here in Playa del Carmen even though I have final guardianship and custody of the childjust 15 days ago My son’s father, his sister, his mother and his partner violated me, and they took the childfor more than 48 hours the municipal police could not do anything, “said the woman.

He explained that even though He has already filed his complaint with the FGEQRoo, and the DIF is taking his son, who is only 6 years old, into custodysince they argued that They couldn’t leave it with me because I had a complaint for family violence; “The next day I go to the DIF for my son and it turns out that they had already delivered him to the paternal grandmother the night before,” he denounced.

They accuse child abduction and vicarious violence in Playa del Carmen

The lawyer Ariadne Song of the Xtabay Quintana Roo Women’s Collective provided legal support to the mother who was deprived of her youngest son, only 6 years old, by her former romantic partner.

The facts are already in the criminal investigation folder FGE/QROO/SOL/02/1402/2023, where it is stated that the aggressor named Roberto GH would have committed the crime of abduction and retention of minors according to the Penal Code of Quintana Roo; in addition to the crimes of vicarious violence committed.

The lawyer Song Anguas reminded the FGEQRoo that this judicial instance must have specialized personnel with a gender perspective and childhood and adolescence that can frame the behaviors in the criminal type described in the Penal Code of Quintana Roo in each of its Specialized Prosecutors as well as exhort his staff not to revictimize victims.

Likewise he said, the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims of the State of Quintana Roo (Ceaveqroo) is urgedto fulfill their job, which is to provide to the victim of the crime legal advice to access justice as one of their fundamental rights, Indian.

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