They accuse deputies of meeting from parties and sporting events

The issuance of a regulation for remote sessions in the Chamber of Deputies has generated abuses on the part of federal legislators, which is why the opposition benches have already demanded that they return to the face-to-face mode, according to information shared by El Universal on your news portal.

More and more people register their attendance remotely and make social life in full sessions of the plenary session, either from a party, as did the PVEM legislator, Angélica Peña, or as in the case of Miguel Torruco who legislated from the Senate to where he went to watch Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez’s boxing match.

The regulation contemplates a maximum qorum of 128 legislators in the Hall of Sessions, as long as it does not concern matters that require approval by a qualified majority, as well as the appointments and ratifications of officials who are the exclusive power of the Chamber, in which cases the sessions will unfold in face-to-face sessions. Despite them, for several weeks in the plenary session there have not even been 128, an example of this was the session of Wednesday, November 24, in which a quorum of 420 deputies was registered, but in person there were only 47.

“It seems to me nonsense that colleagues are legislating from parties or from the comfort of their bed when they are charging as if they were attending in person, the pandemic is already down, the traffic light is already green, the schools have already opened, the public transport, well, to the bars, and in the Chamber they continue with the semipresenciales ”, denounced the coordinator of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

In parallel, the legislators have also been captured in massive events, even without masks, the deputy Antonio Garibay attended the Grand Prix of Mexico City, which was attended by more than 371 thousand fans throughout the three days of activity ; the PRI Yerico Abramo Masso flew to the tourist fair in Yucatán accompanied by at least a dozen deputies from the Tourism Commission; While the morenista, Anahí González, showed photos in the archaeological zone of Ichkabal, Bacalar, in the interior of her native Quintana Roo.

In the background, denounced the coordinator of the PAN, Jorge Romero, Morena and his allies refuse to return to the face-to-face sessions for fear of losing their weighted vote.

“It is something ridiculous that the ruling party is using to abuse the weighted vote, to abuse all the comforts that not being present in the Chamber gives.

It is evident that they are relying on what happened all over the planet to avoid returning a scheme in which decisions must be based on the responsibility of 500 people with their presence here in the Chamber, of course they use it as a trick, that is why we are formally proposing that this regulation be lifted ”, he specified.

The president of the Chamber himself, Sergio Gutiérrez, has recognized abuses by the deputies in the figure of the blended sessions, and announced that the possibility of returning to the face-to-face sessions will be analyzed shortly.

“There are already some proposals from the General Secretariat to assess whether the face-to-face sessions are already being held or whether the subject of blended sessions is continued, I believe that it has served and is part of the teachings or practices that this issue of the pandemic leaves us, Doing many things from a distance, what is inadmissible is being in recreational activities and at the same time pretending to be paying attention to the Chamber, it is something that should not be, in any way, then, we are going to review it, “he declared.

This Thursday Pablo Gómez will be ratified as head of the Financial Intelligence Unit of the federal government, which forces the plenary session to hold its session in person.

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