They accuse that the Government of López Obrador resurrected the ‘Garrote Law’

Jorge Ricardo / Reform Agency

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 | 22:43

Mexico City- The federal government revived the “Garrote Law” of Tabasco to repress the protests of the workers of the Dos Bocas refinery with riot police from the Ministry of Security and Protection, said former local deputy Dolores Gutiérrez Zurita.

He recalled that this law, an initiative of the current Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, and endorsed in 2019 by the deputies of Morena, authorized the use of public force against all those demonstrations that blocked communication routes, especially in oil facilities.

“It is clear in the drafting of the Garrote Law that Morena approved with his majority and his allies from the political parties in the 63rd legislature,” he said in a telephone interview.

“It was very clear a point in which it was said that ‘police force can be applied immediately against people who are blocking communication routes, affecting the free movement of third parties, especially in oil areas.”

The “Garrote Law”, against which the former legislator voted against, was invalidated by the Supreme Court of Justice last March.

For Gutiérrez Zurita, today’s repression violated the mandate and autonomy of the Municipality of Paraíso, where the works are located.

“They revived it, it is very clear,” he commented on the scenes of shooting at the workers who were injured in the back and even one of them in the eye.

The former PRD legislator condemned the repression against ICA Fluor workers, who since yesterday were demonstrating for overtime pay, mistreatment and greater security measures.

“I do not know if there are other reasons, but it seems to me credible that it is due to the lack of payment of overtime hours, or that their payments have been delayed, because on the other side of Tabasco, in Tenosique, in Zapata, in Balancán, where there will be a Mayan Train station, which is being built by a Chinese company, many people complain about the treatment that temporary workers are giving them, that they were not paying them on time and I would not question it, “he said.

The former senator and former General Coordinator of Communication of the Government of Tabasco rejected the statements of the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, and ICA Fluor, who have ignored the hundreds of workers who demonstrated and who even called them infiltrators.

“Whether there may be infiltrators in Dos Bocas is truly an impossible question, because there are a whole series of security measures to enter the facilities, much less a group of the size,” he said.

Gutiérrez Zurita especially regretted Nahle’s assertion that they were not going to allow “a small group with a particular intention or of particular benefit to affect such an important work.”

“It is a very unfortunate statement by a Secretary who has made Paraíso a state within a Municipality, because the Dos Bocas refinery is absolutely owned by Rocío Nahle,” he said.

“It is within the Municipality of Paraíso, but what happens in the refinery is only hers and only her very close friends are those who have access and she has had a too despotic performance and it seems to me that what is happening is simply a reflection of her very unprofessional conduct. “

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