They analyze Gil’s punch and emphasize that he stays training

Colo Colo won a hard-fought victory against Palestino that allowed him to remain the exclusive leader of the National Championship, five points ahead of his closest pursuers. However, the match was blocked and a genius of Leonardo Gil, through a perfect free kick, allowed the popular cast to stay with the match.

Colorado is the great specialist of the tournament and has already scored four goals through the stopped ball. Situation that has attracted attention, since long years ago the tournament did not have a footballer who changes by goal the infringements charged near the area.

“We have to thank the goalkeepers, sometimes practice ends and I tell them that if they stay with me, they always help me. So every time I make a goal from a free kick, I always thank them because they help me during the week, not all of them. the days but yeah Twice a week about 20 shots from different places, because today in football the matches are very close and it is a good weapon. When you practice and practice things work out, the team also helps and it’s easier, “the white bomber confessed to TNT Sports.

This situation was highlighted by two of the great exponents of the punch that Chilean football has had throughout its history: Jorge Aravena and Miguel Ángel Neira. Both appreciated the technique and applauded that Gil stays training this type of plays.

Leo Gil scored his fourth free throw against Palestino.

“There is no other way to learn the punch than by hitting the ball. In order to progress, you have to work hitting the ball from different positions and hopefully with the different contact surfaces., that is not only the chamfer with the half instep and inner edge, but evidently it is seen that Gil has a lot of capacity to finish well with the left foot ”, highlighted Aravena.

“He has a very good ball hit with his left foot, he handles the inner edge perfectly well and has a lot of precision to finish off”added Mortar.

To finish giving importance to the importance of the stopped balls: “Close matches can be resolved with a free kick play, in fact the other day Gil resolved the match with a perfect free kick”, closed the former national team.

For his part, Neira gave a place in the tournament to the footballer from Colo Colo. “In the National Championship he is the great free throw player. There is also the boy from La Católica, Marcelino Núñez, but Gil has been more effective and the important thing is that he has scored goals in key moments, he has defined games through this facet ”, he started by saying.

“Unfortunately no great performers have appeared in recent times and this is solely due to the non-practice of that. The free kick is just practice, nothing more. When you stay and practice 20, 30, 40 free throws and hitting the ball is a habit that one makes to hit the ball and you already know where, with what surface, how you are going to hit it. It’s just practice ”, assured the 82nd World Cup player.

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