They analyze implementing security measures after a string of traffic accidents

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 | 1:21 pm.

In Puerto Iguazú, since the return to near normality, at least two minor accidents have been recorded per day and the majority involve motorcyclists. That is why they are analyzing the possibility of implementing speed bumps at the request of neighbors. In addition to greater control on public roads.

The sinister road that was registered on Sunday morning that left as a balance 2 minor injuries and three serious ones showed the recklessness of drivers who, many of them under the influence of excessive alcohol consumption, put their lives and their lives at risk. of the others, that is why work will be done on signaling and identifying critical areas for the placement of speed reducers.

In this regard, The Territory consulted with Nicolás López, director of Municipal Transit who indicated: “This week and the next we will work on San Lorenzo Street and Beltrán Street. Painting work on the cordon, posters. Regarding the speed reducers, we are seeing an electronic system if it is feasible “

López also referred to serious traffic accidents: “As for serious road accidents, they generally occur outside the inspectors’ working hours and in different parts of the city. Due to human faults, recklessness, because they do not respect the laws in force on the matter. transit “he stressed.

Referring to the health of the occupants of the Corsa car that collided with an electrical power distribution pole, 3 of the victims have already been discharged. Two of them registered minor injuries, one of the young women was discharged yesterday, however due to the consequences of the accident she will have to live with a probe for several months. A young man remains hospitalized with fractures. Regarding the critically ill patient, she remains in the same conditions with a reserved prognosis. He presents a fracture of 7 ribs, cervical among other injuries.

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