They approve in the first debate reform that would remove the Police from the Ministry of Defense

With a vote of 19 to 9, the First Commission of the House of Representatives approved in first debate the police reform project what does he propose, for curb abuses of authority and loss of legitimacy, transfer the National Police from the Ministry of Defense to the Ministry of Justice, in order to guarantee its constitutional mandate.

“It is is a significant step to transform the approach of a Police It has been in the midst of conflict for over 50 years. This transfer is guaranteed for have a law enforcement officer approach, articulated with the Justice Administration System, with the Prosecutor’s Office, with criminal policy, with the penitentiary and prison policy and, of course, with the drug policy”, stated the representative Juanita Goebertus.

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The green congresswoman assured that although the Government opposes this reform to Law 62 of 1993, the majority of Presidential candidates have declared themselves in favor of removing the Police from the Ministry of Defense. “Are the only country in the world where she is still in this ministry. I hope this project opens a transcendental conversation to strengthen the legitimacy and effectiveness of the Police, and in general a citizen security policy for the protection of citizens and guarantee of human rights ”.

Now the project will be discussed, in the second of the four debates it requires to become law, on the Chamber Plenary of Representatives. If it is approved there, it will remain in the hands of the Senate to authorize this transfer what do you expect move the institution away from the military focus and of the activities that generate tensions with the communities.

Although the negative concept of both the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Justice, complicate the approval and processing of this reform, the bet of its promoters is that it be approved in a second debate, allowing it to be discussed, eventually, after the current government ends its mandate.

This project, which is the first of police reform that without being the responsibility of the Government passes its first debate, is part of legislative initiative package named ‘Young people have the floor’, that were filed by congressmen from most communities (including the Democratic Center), the product of conversations, precisely, with more than 300 young people from the 12 cities with the highest unemployment rates in the country.

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