“They are desperate”: Telefe already has a premiere date for Big Brother

phone is not having a good time with the rating since the end of the program “La Voz Argentina” and, now, Turkish soap operas not only reign in the afternoons, but are also the most watched of the day, since “Züleyha” reached 9.9 points on the screen and surpassed Natalia Oreiro, Marcelo Tinelli and other renowned programs.

This result undoubtedly outraged the journalist Laura Ubfal, who used part of her program, “Gossip”, to send a forceful message to phone and to El Trece and, in addition, to reveal the date of “Big Brother”, the reality star of the channel of the three spheres.

Oreiro debuted with his program with 17 points, but could not maintain his rating and dropped to 9 points.

“The Mask does not go backwards or forwards, it even goes backwards, and the proof is that the most watched was a Turkish soap opera. I have nothing against the novel, but it is embarrassing and angry. In third place, Tinelli and Oreiro came in with 9 points, this is the television we have. For El Trece, it is wonderful, but for Telefe, it is worrying. ‘Great Germano’ is coming because They are desperate“Launched a spicy Laura Ubfal who did not save anything against El Trece and Telefe.

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