They are sentenced to death for smuggling Squid Game copies into North Korea

That life in North Korea is not a dance on roses is nothing new. A man has now been sentenced to death for smuggling in and selling copies of the Netflix series Squid game. North Korean authorities came to high school students watching the program that according to Radio Free Asia has been smuggled in from China on USB sticks, writes Variety.

The smuggler who has already been found guilty of the crime is thus sentenced to death by arson. However, the madness does not stop there. The student who bought the copy was sentenced to life in prison and the other students who watched the series will have to serve five years in a North Korean prison, which in all probability is not a dance on any roses either. But it does not actually end there either. As icing on the cake and to set an example, teachers and administrators at the school in question have also been fired and deported to remote mines for penal servitude. As recently as April last year, a man was publicly executed for illegally distributing CDs and USB sticks with South Korean film, music and television programs.

You might think that the punishments here are somewhat harsh, simply because of course they are. Absurdly hard. It all boils down to the new law, the “Elimination of Reactionary Thought and Culture Act” from 2020, which regulates what may and may not be shown in the country, a law basically created to prevent the spread of media from capitalist countries such as South Korea and the United States. In this act, the spread of media from South Korea is stipulated as particularly serious and especially then Squid Game, which has been branded by the propaganda machine as “a sad reality of a beastly South Korean society.” The success series is from South Korea, ergo the death penalty. That’s the reasoning there, so it’s probably something for all of us to think about the next time we get to complain about poor supply on the streaming platforms. For my own part, in any case, I would rather take a sharp offer than arquebusing.

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