They arrest 8 fugitives wanted for drug dealing

They arrest 8 fugitives wanted for drug dealing

Juarez City.- Police arrested eight men who had arrest warrants for crimes against health, in the form of drug dealing, in actions carried out on Saturday, reported Adrián Sánchez Contreras, in charge of the Social Communication area of ​​the Municipal Public Security Secretariat (SSPM).

The spokesperson said that one of them was 34-year-old Alejandro OM, detained on Monte Blanco and Cedros de la Sierra streets, in Urbivilla del Cedro, who had three current warrants issued against him on November 22, 2022, February 1 and March 3 of this year.

Ricardo VJ, 26 years old, was arrested on Rivera de la Villa and Rivera Mitla streets, in the Riberas del Bravo neighborhood, for an order issued on March 2.

Kevin Noel CS, 19, was arrested at Pino Suárez and Quinta, in the División del Norte neighborhood, after being accused of having caused acts of nuisance and had an arrest warrant issued on August 8, 2022.

Logan Sebastián MR, 20 years old, was arrested on Gradma and Revolución Proletaria streets, in the México 68 neighborhood, by a court order dated February 8, 2023.

Manuel Antonio OR, 25 years old, fell on the streets of Ejido Parritas and Ejido Maderas, in the Manuel Valdez neighborhood, due to an arrest warrant issued on November 4 of last year.

Jovani YV, 22, was arrested on Avelina Gallegos and César Augusto Sandino streets, on Mexico 68, and has been wanted since June 26, 2022.

Enrique RV, 25, was arrested on Constitución Street and 16 de Septiembre Avenue, in the Downtown Zone, where the police showed him an arrest warrant issued on March 14.

Edgar Enrique GR, 33, was arrested on Ramón Rayón and Palacio de Paquimé streets, in the Villas de Salvarcar subdivision, because there was a court order issued on December 8 of last year.

The eight detainees were handed over to personnel from the State Investigation Agency, a body that took them before the judges who ordered their capture.

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