They arrested a couple in La Plata who used an Umbanda temple to sell drugs

Federal agents of the Special Investigations Department They arrested a couple accused of using a temple of the Umbanda religion to sell drugs and by be related to an important drug gang already dismantledin the province of Buenos Aires.

The investigation began in July 2021, where federal troops arrested a woman for transferring cocaine hydrochloride, in the mule mode, as a passenger on a long-distance bus bound for the town of Mar de Ajó.

Subsequently, and through extensive field work, federal troops arrested the leader of a Peruvian national drug-criminal organization known as “Scorpions” Already six other accomplices, during the search of seven homes carried out in the cities of Buenos Aires and La Plata and in the Partido de la Costa, where a large quantity of narcotics was also seized. It should be noted that said leader was wanted by the justice system for several months, accused, among others, of the crime of extortive kidnapping of a businessman in 2020.

However, and as a result of various and continuous investigations, the uniformed men noticed that an address of an Umbanda temple, located in the town of Altos San Lorenzo in the city of La Platawas used as a screen by a couple for the drug trade to “select clients of the neighborhood”.

With all the data obtained, the Federal Court No. 1 of La Plata in charge of the Alejo Ramos PadillaSecretariat Nº3 in charge of Oscar Isaacordered the search of said property located in the 84th street to 1700. During the operation they were arrested a 32-year-old Argentine man and a 45-year-old Argentine woman. The apprehended, together with the kidnapped elements, were left at the disposal of the intervening magistrate.

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