They arrested a former partner of Moria Casán for threatening mechanics

Miguel Xavier Ferrer Vázquez, ex-partner of the actress, host and vedette Moria Casán, was arrested today in the framework of a case for “aggravated coercion” in which he is denounced for having threatened with weapons and with mittens to sheet metal workers of a mechanical workshop of the Buenos Aires town of Munro, in the district of Vicente López, judicial and police sources reported today.

The arrest was made this morning by personnel from the Crimes Against Vehicles Division of the Argentine Federal Police (PFA), in an apartment in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, after an investigation carried out by detectives from the Departmental Subdelegation of Investigations of Vicente López.

According to the sources, in the raid where Ferrer Vázquez was arrested, PFA detectives seized a 9-millimeter Bersa Thunder pistol, 90 ammunition and various electronic elements, including his cell phones and digital storage units.

In addition, the Police seized an imported private car, a BMW brand, owned by the accused’s sister, on which a kidnapping request weighed and which, according to the investigation, was the one he used to go to the workshop where he starred in the events that generated his arrest.

The case is in charge of the prosecutor Gastón Larramendi, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) of Vicente López Oeste, and began with a series of complaints filed by a family that owns a body and paint shop in that municipality of north of the suburbs.

According to the complaint, Ferrer Vázquez, who apparently buys and sells cars, used to go and intimidate the sheet metal workers to speed up the work with the vehicles that he had left to fix.

Judicial sources indicated that according to prosecutor Larramendi’s accusation, on April 25, around 4:00 p.m., Ferrer Vázquez was present in a shed on Paraná Street at 4000 Munro and there he intimidated one of the workshop managers. , who demanded the delivery of their “painted and finished” cars and began with the threats.

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to break all your ribs,” were some of the phrases that, according to the complainant, Ferrer Vázquez told him while he showed him that he had a chrome pistol on his belt, like the one kidnapped today.

Always according to the complaint, in addition, the now accused placed an iron mitten on one of his fists, with which he hit the door of the place while making the threats, and before leaving, he said: “Next week you will have news from my”.

Ferrer Vázquez was detained at the disposal of prosecutor Larramendi and will be investigated for the crimes of “aggravated coercion by the use of a firearm” and “illegal possession of a weapon.”

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