They ask for a greater police presence in the area of ​​the faculties in Oberá

Friday, November 25, 2022 | 12:15 p.m.

On October 22, a motorcycle was stolen from an apartment on Perito Moreno street and the next day another motorcycle was stolen from a property located on Marcos Kanner street, both in the Gunther neighborhood of Oberá, near the Campus of the National University of Misiones ( Unam).

On November 11, they assaulted a student from the Faculty of Engineering who was walking towards his home, on Tinogasta street. That same week, criminals broke into the apartment of a student from the Faculty of Art and Design, in the Krause neighborhood. All in the university area.

In recent months, acts perpetrated by motorbikes have also been recorded, especially to the detriment of women. There were also several robberies of student apartments that traveled to their respective locations over the weekend, which indicates a worrying modus operandi with a view to the summer vacations that has already been alerted to the police authorities.

As if this detail of cases were not enough, cases of an exhibitionist masturbating on public roads were reported, a problem that affects all residents in general.

In this context, last week the dean of the Faculty of Engineering, María Claudia Dekun, and the secretary of student affairs, Andrés Nicolás Almada, met with authorities of the Regional Police Unit II and raised the need to reinforce the tasks of prevention.

“The truth is that we are very concerned because lately the acts of insecurity have increased and we ask that the Police have a greater presence in the area of ​​the faculties,” said Almada.


The secretary of student affairs of the Faculty of Engineering commented on the cases to the detriment of a student who was assaulted in her apartment in the Krause neighborhood and of a student whose apartment was literally ransacked, on Tinogasta street.

“Given the reiteration of insecurity situations, with the dean we went to the First Section to request more prevention patrols. Another thing that worries us a lot is that the summer break is approaching and the vast majority of students return to their places of residence and the apartments are left uninhabited, with the risk that this implies”, Almada pointed out.

In this sense, in dialogue with El Territorio, the owner of an apartment building in the area commented that he recommends his tenants take turns taking vacations, a modality that would be prevailing due to the advance of insecurity.

“I tell the guys that I can’t put a night watch on 24 hours, so they have to organize and go out in batches, so there’s always someone in the building. Although this is not the definitive solution, at least it is an alternative because thefts are constant, especially when there is little movement of people”, he specified.

Meanwhile, given the progress of the crime, the police authorities organized a talk for the students of the Unam where prevention strategies were addressed.

In this regard, Almada commented that “they considered what precautions must be taken to avoid a crime, and that we must also be more observant. They recommended that the complaint should always be made, because if not, for the Police the statistics are fine and they cannot allocate more resources to the area”.

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