They ask for an oral trial for the Kirchner’s hotels

They ask for an oral trial for the Kirchner's hotels

Vice President Cristina Kirchner, back on the bench? /archive

The prosecutor before the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cassation Mario Villar requested today that the dismissals dictated in the well-known Hotesur-Los Sacues case, in which Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was investigated, be annulled, and demanded that the oral trial be finally carried out and public, judicial sources reported.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office made his presentation before the first chamber of the highest criminal court, which was now in a position to process the appeals against the ruling of the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 5, which last November ordered the dismissal of all those accused of the cause.

“The dismissal solution as it is presented to us here, not only deprives the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the exercise of its constitutional duty to promote the action of the Justice, but also hides from society what in an oral and public debate can be appreciated broad daylight,” Villar said in the presentation with which he supported the appeal of the trial prosecutor Diego Velasco.

“very serious” accusations

The prosecutor pointed out that only with the development of the trial “it will be possible to determine if the very serious accusations that are at stake in this case are true or not, if they can be proven beyond any reasonable doubt.”

In addition, he asked that the judges who last November promoted the dismissals be removed from the case.

The first Cassation room, which must now define the process that will give the appeal, is made up of judges Diego Barroetaveña, Daniel Petrone and Ana María Figueroa.

Last November, TOF 5 dismissed the vice president, her children Máximo and Florencia, and the rest of the defendants in the case in which they were investigated for alleged money laundering with property rentals and hotel rooms of the Hotesur companies. and Los Willows.

The decision, made by judges Adrián Grünberg and Daniel Obligado, with the dissent of magistrate Adriana Palliotti, implies that an oral and public trial will not take place, although the ruling can still be appealed and reviewed in higher instances.

Judged “in the light of the law”

The judges understood that during the process of the case the defendants were deprived of being judged “in light of the more benign law that was in force at the time the facts on trial began, in 2008, and they stressed that then the maneuver that It is understood as “self-washing”.

The dismissals also reached the businessmen Cristóbal López, Fabián De Sousa and Lázaro Báez; to Romina de los Ángeles Mercado, daughter of the governor of Santa Cruz Alicia Kirchner, and the accountant Osvaldo Sanfelice, among others.

“The appearance of legality of the assets was given from the first moment; that is to say, from the transfer of funds for the contracting of public works, licenses or concessions, or tax or other benefits are available; all of them backed by the rigorous regulations. Therefore, we can conclude that the behaviors investigated here were not suitable to produce the result of concrete danger required by the crime of money laundering”, the magistrates pointed out in that ruling.

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