They ask that the Audit Commission summon first lady Lilia Paredes for alleged plagiarism in thesis

The congresswoman of Avanza País, Norma Yarrow, asked the president of the Oversight Commission, Héctor Ventura, legislator of Fuerza Popular, to summon and question the first lady Lilia Paredes about the case of the alleged plagiarism that she would have carried out in the thesis that He presented with President Pedro Castillo to obtain the degree of Master of Education.

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The document, to which Canal N had access, is based on the fact that Paredes has not yet ruled on this case and that, in Castillo Terrones’ statement, his wife is not mentioned, despite the fact that she is co-author of the research work, which was approved by the César Vallejo University in 2012.

The official letter also points out the irregularities found by the Panorama program, which found a series of verbatim copies of other texts that are not given credit. In addition, it is pointed out that the alleged jurors would not be real people and that the job advisor denies having followed up on him.

It should be noted that, in this case, the Public Ministry has decided to initiate an ex officio investigation to determine whether or not the crime of plagiarism was committed.. “The investigation is in charge of the provincial prosecutor Juan Ramón Tantalean Olano, of the Tacabamba Mixed Provincial Prosecutor’s Office (Tacabamba district, Chota province), of the Cajamarca Fiscal District”they pointed out.

For his part, Pedro Castillo, through a statement published by the Presidency of the Republic, denied that he had plagiarized his thesis and accused the journalistic report of being part of a “destabilizing plan” to promote ungovernability.

“I reject the malicious accusations made by a journalistic program […] I deny any irregular act. The thesis work was validated with the respective educational quality standards”, he indicated in a statement released this Wednesday, May 4.


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