They assault the Yaman mansion and more in the chapter of August 4 in “Tierra amarga”

What will happen this Thursday, August 4 in “bitter earth”? Demir is more sunk than ever with Ümit’s statement, while Züleyha was sadly surprised, when she was looking for Fikret to confess that he was the one who attacked the doctor. And as icing on the cake, this Thursday we will see an assault on the Yaman mansion. How will all this end? Nobody knows. So don’t miss the next chapter of one of the most successful Turkish soap operas of recent times.

The Turkish soap opera “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”, starring Hilal Antinbilek and Murat Ünalmış, keeps the audience captivated with each episode broadcast on Antena 3. More than a million viewers are waiting for its third season, which surprises with its plot unpredictable.

The production concluded after four seasons in Turkey, and began broadcasting in Spain in July 2021, where a year later it maintains good audience levels. See what’s coming up on the August 4 episode of “Tierra amarga”.


Züleyha is determined to do anything to save her husband from jail, she even threatened Fikret with a gun to convince him to testify to the police that he was to blame for Ümit’s fall. Now, she has been surprised to hear that her husband had an affair with the doctor, who in court blamed him for the attack. In the next chapter, we will wait to see how the protagonist of “Tierra Amarga” will react.

Lütfiye and Fikret, meanwhile, have met in Istanbul. She asks her niece to go to Germany. Fikret has confessed what her plan is and also that he was with Ümit when the accident happened, but that she didn’t push her, she fell. Lütfiye has felt a great relief, but she still does not understand why her nephew knocked her unconscious and did not call the ambulance. Will Fikret manage to change his mind and confess to the Police?

Assault on the mansion

Taking advantage of Demir’s absence, in the next chapter of the “Bitter Land” series we will see an assault on the Yaman mansion. Züleyha was not at home, but it was Sevda who had stayed behind to take care of Leyla and Adnan.

The bandits, after retaining all the workers in the chicken coop, break the windows of the mansion, break into it and reach the singer’s room. While pointing a gun, they take the jewelry and money they find in their path, including the one in the safe that was in the office.

The thieves manage to flee with the loot, all but one, who is threatened by Sevda with a gun. The worst moment is yet to come… Little Adnan runs out of the mansion, the assailant captures him. What will happen to Züleyha’s son? Who will be behind this criminal act? Will everyone be safe?

Violent assault on the Yaman mansion (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Violent assault on the Yaman mansion (Photo: Tims & B Productions)


You can watch the telenovela “Tierra amarga” through the Antena 3 signal in Spain. The episodes are released, from Monday to Friday, from 5:45 p.m.

Also, remember that you can also enjoy fiction through streaming, from the ATRESplayer Premium platform.

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