They assure that Cavani “analyzes Boca’s offer” and the networks explode

Cavani has been trending at the rate of once a week for a few months. It is that his name never sounded to reinforce Boca. But this – will it be? – seems to be more serious for several reasons.

This Monday the 8th will expire the extension that the AFA gave to the clubs to incorporate players and as Edinson’s arrival at Villarreal cools down, in Uruguay they assure that Cavani evaluates Boca’s offer.

This was confirmed on ESPN F12 by the Uruguayan journalist Diego Muñoz: “Cavani evaluates Boca’s offertaking into account that: he knows that the Argentine market ends shortly, his chance with Villarreal has not crystallized yet, he does not want to go to Germany and he wants to play in Boca “. After the bomb, he admitted that “10 days ago this was something unthinkable”.

And the xeneizes networks reacted:

Tweet from Santiago✍🏼🇸🇪 #CavaniABoca
Tweet by Palermista🇸🇪
Lauti’s Tweet
Tweet by Шίζβεг†- 伟伯
Joan’s tweet.
agu strap tweet
Tweet from Matias

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