They assure that Colo Colo leaves 9 aside and will bet everything on Dávila

After the fall of the signing of Marcelo Moreno Martins, in Colo Colo they move to get their new center forward and thus give pleasure to Gustavo Quinteros, who has insisted on his hiring. However, the options are not many, especially considering the delicate financial moment of the institution.

For this reason, from Black and White they would have decided to change the focus and leave the search for 9 in the background. According to El Mercurio, the concessionaire will allocate the resources it has available to obtain Víctor Dávila.

The 23-year-old Chilean attacker can play all over the attacking front and that offers the Cacique various solutions. Gustavo Quinteros always wanted him to replace Martín Rodríguez, who unexpectedly left for Turkish football.

“If the center-forward square is well covered (by Iván Morales and Luciano Arriagada), why don’t we allocate the money to find a leader?”They say from the dealership to the morning.

Victor Dávila is a name that seduces, but its high cost makes negotiations difficult. / PHOTO: Getty Images

However, the great obstacle continues to be the economic point of view, since the Lion of Mexico will not let Dávila out so easily. But in Black and White there are those who see a business opportunity, since the forward is exportable for the future, although this would inevitably mean giving up on hiring a 9.

“At the beginning of the year, we lowered the age of the squad, and yes, with the Bolivian (Marcelo Moreno Martins) we raised it … It was a mistake, Dávila is a totally opposite case and the investment, it does correspond there”, they added El Mercurio.

Currently, Dávila has been adding minutes with his club, but is still not considered as a starter by Ariel Holan. The player wants to show himself as an alternative for the Chilean team.

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