They assure that Leonardo Valencia will be presented in La Serena

Leonardo Valencia’s passage through Colo Colo was not one of the best. He came as one of the great reinforcements of the team directed, at that time, by Mario SalasDespite starting playing and scoring a couple of goals, his level declined as the matches went by and he ended up losing his place.

Weekend, Valencia was at the Monumental to say goodbye to his teammates, he took his belongings from the Macul compound, took some souvenir shirts and said that his future was far from the Cacique. Everton appeared as the first option.

Although there is still no formal statement from Blanco y Negro announcing the departure of the steering wheel, this is expected to occur in the next few hours. The footballer’s environment ensures his departure, while from the Alba leadership they wait to receive the formal proposal for his departure.

Despite this, in La Serena they take Valencia’s arrival for granted and await its arrival in the region in the next few hours. “The Colo Colo midfielder, Leonardo Valencia, who has barely played 49 minutes in this tournament, would resolve today his incorporation to the maroon team, which needs to strengthen his attack zone after the departure of Humberto Suazo”, published the newspaper El Dia.

In case of joining the papaya cast, Valencia will once again share a dressing room with Matías Fernández with whom he was a partner last season at the Cacique.

Leo Valencia leaves Colo Colo | Photo: Agency One

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