They attacked a house with gunshots and then stabbed the owner to death.

Monday June 20, 2022 | 7:47 a.m.

The celebration for Father’s Day was interrupted by the tragedy yesterday when two armed men broke into a property in the Esperanza de Oberá neighborhood, where after running out of bullets, one of them stabbed Alejandro Gabriel Gómez (28 ), father of three children.

The bloody event was recorded around 3:30 pm in a house located on Code Street No. 435, near the Mate Rojo dryer.

Meanwhile, two hours later, personnel from Regional Unit II proceeded to arrest the alleged perpetrators of the act, the brothers Miguel Ángel D. (23) and José Francisco D. (25), who were carrying a revolver and a knife, elements that will be subject to expertise.

A 200cc cross-type Gilera motorcycle was also seized, which would have been used to carry out the homicide, according to witnesses.

Both suspects were housed in different dependencies of the UR II accused of homicide. By order of the Court of Instruction Two, the body was sent to the judicial morgue of Posadas for the rigorous autopsy.

In this regard, the police doctor on duty found a sharp injury to the left anterior thorax and two injuries to the thoracic center, so death was immediate.

Due to the testimonies collected at the scene and the kidnapping of two weapons that would have been used in the crime, for the Police the case would be resolved, although there are still rigorous tests, including the paraffin test to detect traces of gunpowder on the hands. of the suspected shooter.

In a dialogue with the Police, Marcelo Fabián Gómez (37), brother of the victim, commented that the perpetrators are relatives of the victim and the aggression would have arisen from a previous discussion.

several witnesses

The event shocked the residents of the Esperanza neighborhood, a residential area that was shaken by shots, screams and then the heartbreaking lamentation of Gómez’s relatives.

Regarding the incident, around 3:45 p.m. a call alerted the Police, who upon arriving at the scene found the presence of a lifeless body lying on the dirt road.

The uniformed men met with Marcelo Fabián Gómez who pointed out the responsibility to the brothers Miguel Ángel and José D., also pointed out by other witnesses.

The suspects were traveling in a Gilera 200cc motocross, they parked in front of the victim’s home and, without saying a word, Miguel Ángel D. would have started shooting with a firearm, presumably a 22-caliber revolver.

Once the shooter ran out of bullets, there was a brawl between the aggressors and other people who were in the place, a circumstance in which Miguel Ángel D. would have extracted a dagger-type knife from among his clothes and murdered the victim. The defendants then boarded the motorcycle and fled the scene.

After verifying the fact, the Police carried out an extensive operation that allowed them to find the suspects, who were detained at kilometer 870 of National Route 14, jurisdiction of Guaraní. Both were mobilized in a Gilera motocross, black and white color, domain 272 LEU.

In addition, a 22-caliber Bowal revolver was seized with three 22-caliber cartridges, one with signs of percussion, and a knife with a wooden handle and a leather sheath.

Six homicides in seven months

The day before was the sixth homicide in just seven months in the city of Oberá, not counting other towns in the same department, a significant increase in the historical rate of this type of crime at the local level.

November 27: the body of Analía Pamela Torres (22) was found in an advanced state of decomposition in a tenement on Concordia Street. Her former partner was arrested for the incident, although he was later released because the cause of death could not be determined.

March 13: After dying for eleven days, Gladis Ester Gómez (39) died. The catechist and merchant was shot by a motorcycle that broke into her store on Calle Piedrabuena on March 2. There are two detainees.

March 18: Juan Ángel Chemes (73) had his throat slit on his way to work in the Jardín de los Pájaros. Two of his 15 children were charged with the crime.

April 27: Alexis Santa Cruz (24) was stabbed to death in the San Miguel neighborhood. The former concubine of the victim’s partner was arrested for the incident.

June 3: the body of Josías Ezequiel Galeano (15) was found in a swamp on the outskirts of Oberá, after a search that lasted 34 days. For the crime there is a detainee.

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