They attend a conference in Guerrero and are left in the crossfire

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Tuesday, June 21, 2022 | 17:32

Chilpancingo.- A group of reporters who were at a press conference with leaders of the Regional Coordinator of Founding Peoples Community Authorities (Crac-Pf) fell to the ground when a confrontation began between members of the self-defense groups and individuals from the Los Ardillos group in a hill in the community of Tula, in the Municipality of Chilapa.

“We threw ourselves to the ground and took cover behind the trunks,” a reporter recounted.

The exchange of bullets between the community police officers and the Ardillos lasted ten minutes.

When the leader of the self-defense groups, Jesús Plácido Valerio, denounced to reporters the inaction of the government of Evelyn Salgado Pineda and President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to arrest the members of the Los Ardillos criminal group, the attack began.

Immediately, the community police officers responded to the attack, registering an exchange of gunshots.

“First, a shot was heard from a hill that is 400 meters away from where we were at the conference and then the community police responded, generating a shootout,” the reporter commented.

In the place where the leaders of the Crac-Pf offered the press conference on a hill where the self-defense groups have installed their trenches.

This space was recovered by community police after withdrawing from this site a group of members of the Los Ardillos criminal group.

Several women who were in the place almost dragged themselves down the hill towards the town.

One of the reporters says that after the shooting ended they walked down the hill and reached the town where they left their vehicle parked.

“From the center of the town to the hill where the community police are entrenched is a distance of just over a kilometer and the truth is that we went down with great fear because we did not know what we could find,” the journalist said.

During the trip to and from the community of Alcozacán and then to Tula, the reporters observed only one state police patrol.

“We feel calmer when we leave the community of Atzacualoya and take the federal highway towards Chilapa,” said the reporter.

Atzacualoya, which also belongs to the Municipality of Chilapa, is 15 minutes from Tula.

This entire area has the presence of the Los Ardillos criminal group.

Before the shooting broke out, the leader of the Crac-Pf, Jesús Plácido Galindo, called on the authorities to arrest the Los Ardillos group.

He mentioned that in the last seven years this criminal organization has disappeared 19 people and murdered 18 from communities in this region of the lower mountains of Guerrero.

Since last Friday, June 17, the self-defense groups have clashed with members of the Los Ardillos criminal group.

According to the Crac leadership, members of the criminal organization have used high-caliber weapons and drones with explosives in the attacks they have carried out on the communities of Tula and Xicotlán.

According to the leadership of the self-defense groups, two of their members were wounded by bullets.

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