They await approval of the Colombian anticovid pill, how does it work?

During more than 13 years of research, a group of scientists found that extracts from the seeds of the dividing treecalled Caesalpinia spinosadecreases inflammation and increases the response to respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.

These studies allowed the formation of a phytomedicine called “the colombian pill for the COVID-19“, which is made with standardized extracts through a chemical process that concentrates the active ingredients of the plant in an extract.

This research was published in the journal Javerian Researchwhich dates back to a study carried out over 5 years on the seeds of this tree, in which they identified more than 13 compounds that work to achieve anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects, because their components can act on the immune system, attacking tumor cells and regulating the lung inflammation.

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First of all, this pill they were preparing her for the treatment of breast cancer and the leukemiabut when studying a group of 91 people with COVID-19 for 28 days, they found that those who took the extract left the hospital two and a half days faster, because the drug slowed down viral replication by increasing the cleanliness inside patients’ cells.

The study has already been submitted to Invite and its approval is expected to start with the commercialization of the pill In colombia.

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